Christian Tan

Strange but in a good way

Photography FAQ

1. Why do certain people appear more often on my photos?

  • Because in the orchestra they are in my proximity (the violas..)
  • Because they are extremely good looking (the celli..)
  • Because they are often good for silly / hilarious photos (the brass..)

2. Can you use the photo I took of you for social media etc?

Yes please! Feel free to use the photos I took of you for personal applications. Use it on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Linkedin, Ebay, Myspace, your casting agency, Tic Toc, Twitter, Fetlife, Ello, Weibo, VK, Parler or whatever you young people use nowadays. If possible you can tag me (@nakedcellist on Instagram*, Christian Tan on Facebook**) and if using that photo for online dating results in your finding the love of your life you can name your firstborn after me***. If you use it to sell merchandise of yourself, then we'll have to talk about royalties.
    * Does not actually contain nudity
    ** Add me if you'd like / dare
    *** Or your least favourite child

3. Why do I use black & white?

I don't always do, recently I started to give this colour thing a chance.. butttt
  • B&W is easier to make look consistent among different photos, and easier to make look nice
  • It forces you to see the composition and not be distracted by the colours
  • Because I am used to using B&W analogue photography
  • Because my phone has a very good black & white camera
  • Because I am moderately pretentious, but then: Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.

4. I don't like a photo of me, can you remove it?

Sure. If for whatever reason you do not want the photo with you online, I can either remove it or censor it (content aware erase) if I want to keep the rest of the photo.

5. Where can you see my work?

6. Do you do weddings / kids parties / bar mitzvahs / brit milahs

No. In the first place because it requires special skills, special tools and an assistant