Christian Tan

Strange but in a good way


Christian Tan (Proud member of the freakshow).

Strange but in a good way

Mission statement: to bring more beauty and hilarity in this world. To teach and to learn. And to promote the Asian male as a lust object.

Christian Tan was born in Walsrode, Germany, from Chinese parents, who where born in Indonesia. He grew up in the Netherlands, has Dutch nationality and now lives in Berlin. He does photography, video, painting, dance, performances, writing and music. Plays cello, double bass, piano, sings, makes electronic music and composes. Speaks Dutch, German, English, French, Indonesian. Has studied computer science, industrial design engineering, business management, psychology and art school (but never finished any of them)...

 A pattern emerges: he was never someone who could concentrate on just one thing, monomany is alien to him. But the interest in many things now finally pays of: the choice of different media often results in a very fertile cross pollination while it has also enabled a lot of inspiring collaborations with talented people from many other disciplines. 

 Recurring themes in his work are heartbreak and alienation, but also de-alienation. De-alienation being the process in which eccentrics, who suddenly, after embracing their own strangeness, find like minded freaks. This is very much a representation of how he found himself at home between many different freaks of many different scenes, including hackers, fetishists, kinksters, bondage enthusiasts, artists, geeks, martial artists, experimental musicians, low string players, student's choirs and orchestras, polyglots, utopists, dancers, body modders, suspension hookers and swingers.